We Can Help Turn Your Dream Into Reality


We Can Help Turn Your Dream Into Reality

September 24, 2018- admin

Welcome to Fintec Recruit Limited, we are an established recruitment company that helps the candidates and aspirants of Edinburgh and the rest of the UK get a job in their preferred profession after finishing Uni. Fintec specialises in technology, engineering, financial, fin tech and more for permanent, fixed term and contract/interim vacancies. We help companies with their job search when they are looking for employees to fill certain roles.

Pursuing your dream career is something we all strive to try and achieve and the team at Fintec Recruitment give you the tools and the database to try and help you achieve that dream role.

We have a huge job search database which specialises in the following:

. Finance Recruitment

. Business Recruitment

. Management Recruitment

. Engineering Recruitment.

. Technology Recruitment.

Recruiting Management employees

We are based in Edinburgh, we provide excellent opportunities for all aspiring employees to work in finance recruitment. If you are looking for a new job, we can help you do just that as our database can help you filter through the 100’s of jobs that we advertise daily on our website.

Fintec Recruit limited offer a service known as “e-select”. The whole interview process is conducted online. Video interviewing is done by experienced professionals.  You can also partner with us; we will outsource your entire recruitment process which helps the managers and operation specialists to get the best suitable candidate for your company.

Fintec Recruit limited uses a semantic search mechanism that helps to filter active and passive job seekers. In accordance with the needs and demand of the role, everything is streamlined.

All the vacancies are not advertised due to numerous parameters so it is essential to register as soon as possible.