Manage Recruitment – How to Get the Best from the Rest?


Manage Recruitment – How to Get the Best from the Rest?

May 27, 2019- admin

After a nerve-wracking and time-consuming hiring process, you get a candidate who fits the shoe to perfection. You believe in the recruit and have high hopes of enhanced outcome from the entire team. What if the ideal recruit isn’t what it seemed like? Leave behind perfection, the recruit brings down the production of the team and you need to look for a replacement now. No wonder, you did misjudge the efficiency of this recruit.

It is easier to keep the best people once you find them. The steps mentioned below will help you in management recruitment

Create a better candidate pool

If you are recruiting from candidates who appear for walk-ins or may have responded to an ad in the newspaper, then it is time to change this practice. Through these, you are getting candidates who are just looking for a job change or casually trying their luck to crack an interview and land up with a job. You need to create a better candidate pool by building relationships with university placement cells and recruiters. Also, you can search for potential candidates on professional social media networks such as LinkedIn and get to know the prospect before interviewing them.

Past behaviour helps in predicting future behaviour

Hire those candidates who have worked in the same industry and in companies which have nearly the same work culture as of yours. You can hire winners with this strategy as the candidates can hit the ground running in your organisation without any major training.

Be a great employer

Google tops the list of Fortune’s Best Companies every now and then and as a result, they receive as many as 3,000,000 applications per year. Take a look at your in-house practices for employee retention, motivation, reward & recognition programmes, promotion policies and flexible work-life balance. These are the keys to becoming a great employer. With these at work, your employees will brag about working in the company and hence attract better prospects. Nothing works better than word of mouth. Try it!.

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