5 Amazing Tips For Engineering Recruitment That Works Like Crazy!


5 Amazing Tips For Engineering Recruitment That Works Like Crazy!

July 24, 2019- admin

The moment you plan to include people in your professional team, the talent pool seems to be unusually empty. Just like every company chases their next big client, they are also on the lookout for their next best employee. You may feel that developing the product is the first thing, however, it is to be understood that engineering recruitment is equally essential or the company will soon hit the walls.

5 amazing tips to enhance inbound recruitment

  • Invest time in answering questions on the various online platforms such as Quora, Growth Hackers and other such websites. A small amount of time every day will be of great help to the netizens and it will add value to your brand and hence recruitment will be better.
  • Happy employees attract other potential employees. Come up with innovative ideas to celebrate the birthdays of your employees through the use of videos and creative collages. People will be proud to represent your organisation and hence it will rake in other talents into the business.
  • Attend events where you can get in touch with potential employees. Prepare a 30-minute speech, speaking of some challenging circumstances in work and how you dealt with it. It will inspire those seated in the hall and you never know who amongst them can be the next best employee of your organization.
  • If you believe that the potential set of employees will love to be engaged through puzzles and other such online challenges, reach out to them accordingly. Dropbox, Stripe, and Quora released challenges are great for exposure. A worthy relationship with the ones who tend to solve the challenge is established.
  • Get in touch with college and university placement cells. It can be of great help in terms of engineering and management recruitment because these colleges have some gem of candidates who can do wonders for your organization.

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